Frequently Asked Questions

Does Glamher Booth ship to my country?

We ship worldwide. Shipping transit times will vary based on the destination. 

Our standard International Shipping Fee is $35.00. For Canada, our standard shipping fee is $10.00. Canadian customers have the option to expedite their shipments via priority or express mail for an additional cost. 

Customs delays are not in our control. Please contact your local customs office for further details regarding your shipment. 

Contact us at if your package has not arrived after 30 days (for international orders). 

Do you offer shipping insurance?  

Yes, all of our shipments are covered by shipping insurance. Please contact us immediately at if your package is damaged, lost, or tampered with. 

Do you ship to PO Boxes?  

Yes, we can ship to a PO Box address but only in the United States. In order to avoid delays, we only ship to PO Boxes via USPS. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

What are your hours of operation?  

For customer service and order processing:

Monday-Friday: 9:00am to 4:00pm Central Time. 

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Major Holidays: Closed

Online orders can be placed 24 hours a day. 

I made a mistake with my order, how do I change or cancel it? 

We will honor cancellations and change orders if you notify us immediately via email ONLY at with subject line CANCELLATION. Please do not forget to include this in the subject line as we will always check this inbox for cancellations before processing our orders. 

If we have processed your order before you contact us, please refer to our Shipping & Returns policy. 

What can I use to clean my brushes? 

There are a lot of makeup brush cleansers available that can get job done, but you can also take good care of your brushes using items such as gentle or baby shampoo, unscented bar soap, mild face cleanser, and olive oil. 

Do you have any tips to help clean my brushes? 

Tip 1:

Try not to get soap in the barrel/ferrule of the brush, where the bristles are attached to the handle. Getting soap and water in there can cause the glue to loosen and the bristles to fall out.

Tip 2:

Use warm water, not hot water. Hot water can also loosen the glue, damage your brushes, and cause the ferrule to detach from the handle. 

Tip 3: 

After you have rinsed a brush with a "special" shape, gently reshape the bristles before laying it out to dry.

Tip 4:

To dry your brushes, lay them flat on a dry, clean towel (or paper towels). Spread them out so they don't overlap each other. Never use a hairdryer to dry your brushes. 

How often should I clean my brushes? 

For personal use, we suggest washing your brushes weekly or biweekly, depending on how often you use them. A good indicator that your brush needs to be washed is when it is no longer soft, or when the makeup residue is visibly cake-y. For use on clients or other individuals, your brushes should be cleaned after each use. 

Do you offer wholesale pricing?  

We will offer wholesale pricing on a case by case basis. Please contact us at with subject line WHOLESALE PRICING to discuss.  

Does Glamher Booth test on animals or use natural hair for their brushes? 

Absolutely not. Here at Glamher Booth we pride ourselves on being 100% animal cruelty free. For this reason we chose to design all of our brushes free of any animal hairs. Our brushes are made with 100% high quality synthetic bristles.